Thank You Thursday – 1.10.13

Support for our work at Heal the Bay comes from such varied sources, that sometimes we feel more like curators than water quality advocates, scientists and educators.

For instance, when it came time to plan our sixth annual A Day Without a Bag, we wanted to find an image that captured the vast implications that choosing to use a reusable bag rather than a plastic one has on our environment. Hans Castro-Gallo created this richly detailed, sophisticated image for us to use on our posters and beyond.

We are extremely grateful to Hans for lending his creative talents to our cause.

Creative spirits need fuel, as do HtBers, which is why we thank our local Fresh Brothers for sharing their pizza and other treats to sustain us and our beloved volunteers.

We’d also like to thank the Phantasos Fund for renewing their sponsorship of the Shark and Ray exhibit at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium and the Albert & Elaine Borchard Foundation for their commitment to education and the environment.

Members of the Heal the Bay staff also extend our heartfelt thanks to those of you who committed your donations to our work this year. Your dollars are well-spent, funding our efforts to bring low-income children to the beach for the first time, advocate for bans on plastic bags, as well as the essential water monitoring we conduct to keep the public safe.

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