Thank You Thursdays – 10.04.12

One of the many joys of working at Heal the Bay is making new friends and partners in our community.

Green Vets LAWe’d long known Green Vets Los Angeles (pictured right) for their durable reusable bags, so when it came time for us to replace our worn out beach cleanup bags (to carry our tents, flags and other items), we knew whom to call! Their team came through big time, sewing and customizing military-worthy carryables. We can’t wait to debut our new collection at our next Nothin’ But Sand on October 20. Plus, it feels good to know that we are supporting job training for veterans, both injured and non-injured as they readjust to life here at home.

We mostly know Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks because we love her music!  (“Lullaby” anyone?) However, we were recently lucky enough to receive a contribution from the singer to help us protect the ocean. Thank you, Natalie!

Big thanks to the Ford Motor Company for including Heal the Bay in their Community Changes program. Get your next oil change through this program at one of four local dealerships (it doesn’t matter what make of car you drive) and name your price. Whatever amount you choose to pay will go directly to Heal the Bay. Register here.

UMeTime provided a respite to the freeways this past weekend when the local app developer donated proceeds from their Carmageddon pub crawl to further our work. Thank you!

To celebrate the Fall Equinox, Naam Yoga hosted a free beach yoga session on September 30 and included us in their community circle. Om-m-m. And to keep the yogi spirit going, don’t forget to order a tank or tee-shirt from Honu Yoga and they’ll donate 20% to Heal the Bay!

Check back next week to see whom we’ll thank!

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