The Fight Against Plastic Bags Continues

The City of Calabasas joined the rapidly growing group of cities and municipalities fighting against plastic bag litter by enacting a ban on single-use plastic bags on February 2, 2011.

Like the recent bans in Santa Monica, and LA County, the ban will prohibit supermarkets, large pharmacies and convenience food marts from distributing plastic bags. Paper bags can be sold for 10¢ each, as long as they are made of at least 40% recycled material.

As in other bans, exceptions are made for restaurants selling take-out food and drink.

The rising tide of cities that are enacting their own bans against plastic bags gives all of us in the environmental community hope. Every day we hear of new cities, countries and counties around the world banning plastic bags.

While the fight is far from over, Calabasas’ brave decision last night brings us one step closer to a world free from plastic bags.

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