They Get the Message

Ulices Ramirez and Yahaira Arenas, seniors at Santee Education Complex, a high school near downtown Los Angeles, didn’t like the litter they saw in their community, so they decided to document the problem in a short video as a class project.

With help from their English and Government teachers, the duo focused on the economic and visceral impact of illegal dumping and littering in their neighborhoods. They also asked Heal the Bay’s Susie Santilena, an environmental engineer, about the impact of man-made debris on marine life.

“It was my pleasure to work with Ulices and Yahaira,” said Susie. “It’s clear from watching their video that they really got the message. I’m happy that they’re helping to spread the word about the hazards of litter on public health, as well as on the health of our oceans.”

Watch it now.