Tumor Found in Local Fish

A group of scientists at the Cabrillo Aquarium in San Pedro is analyzing the presence of a tumor on a White Croaker captured in the port of Long Beach. Historically, the existence of tumors in this fish has been associated with contamination from toxic chemicals (DDT and PCBs) that are still present around the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Scientist from Cabrillo - Tumor found on White CroakerBecause DDT and PCBs accumulate in the fatty parts of the fish, we recommend eating only the filet and discarding the head, skin and internal organs to avoid contamination. The health risks are much greater in children and women who are breastfeeding. High exposure to DDT and PCBs can cause cancer, liver damage and adverse effects on the immune and endocrine systems. 

In order to keep your family safe and healthy please heed all signs and health advisories found near the many piers and coastal areas of southern California, particularly between the Santa Monica pier and Seal Beach, and avoid eating certain fish that can cause serious health problems such as White Croaker, Barracuda, Black Croaker, Barred Sand Bass and Topsmelt.