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Attention film buffs: Our Stoked on the Coast Student Film Festival is closed to new submissions but OPEN for public voting between now and midnight, Saturday, September 12. Please share the link and encourage your friends to vote!




Stoked on the Coast Student Film Festival Background

Supported by a generous grant from the California Coastal Conservancy, Stoked on the Coast is a new kind of film festival organized by Heal the Bay staff. As we’re firm believers in the wisdom of children, the contest is only open to students from 5th grade through age 21. We’re inviting young auteurs throughout California to submit a short film (from six seconds to three minutes) that tells the story of why they’re passionate about the ocean. It can be straightforward or silly, meditative or madcap, narrative or stream-of-conscious — it just needs to be authentic.


“This contest gives us a unique perspective on marine conservation: By seeing how the ocean creatively inspires young people, we can better channel that energy into the next generation of stewards,” says Meredith McCarthy, our programs director.

It wouldn’t be a festival without pomp and circumstance, so we’ll be hosting a special Stoked on the Coast soiree later this summer. All entries will be screened, and a variety of prizes will be awarded by celebrity judges. Ultimately, every Stoker is a winner.

Learn more about the festival and enter your films here.

Get stoked, and please share with educators, young film buffs and ocean-lovers everywhere!

Got questions? Contact Edward Murphy, Heal the Bay’s Watershed Education Manager and Stoked on the Coast program coordinator.

Stoked on the Coast Student Film Festival