Win a Trip to Outer Space

Feeling a bit spacey today?

Well, have we got an offer for you – a chance to hitch a ride to outer space.

Through a unique partnership with the Urgency Network and the charitable foundation of the rock band Incubus, Heal the Bay supporters have a chance to do what only 500 or so people have ever done before – enter the final frontier and see the surface of the Earth from a spaceship cockpit.

Safely ensconced in a Lynx Mark II, you’ll have a thrill of a lifetime breaking the sound barrier and being thrust into space from a launch pad in the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Reaching the apogee at 100km, you’ll float in silent, pitch-black darkness for a few minutes before descending back to Earth and gliding home.

Going to space has long been the domain of governments, but private space adventure travel has literally taken off. Now you have the chance to hit infinity and beyond. The good news is that you don’t have to be a millionaire to get there.

By donating now to Heal the Bay, you will be automatically entered into a contest to win a seat on the very first Space Expedition Corp. spaceflight, scheduled for late 2015. For every $10 donated to Heal the Bay at the Urgency Network website, you’ll get 50 entries into the sweepstakes, which is being promoted by three dozen other nonprofits as well. The more you give, the greater your chance of becoming an official astronaut. You can win additional entries by completing tasks like signing petitions or sharing the opportunity on Facebook and Twitter.

The contest ends July 21, so start your G-force training now. Whether it’s the land or the ocean, a better planet begins with a better perspective. See you in space!