Forum: What Does Climate Change Mean For Venice?

You know climate change is a global issue, right? But do you have any idea about what its specific impacts may be on the L.A. shoreline in the coming years? Are you curious how sea level rise may affect the Los Angeles coast? Is your favorite beach or neighborhood hangout subject to dangerous flooding?

Well, you can learn more by attending a workshop organized by Heal the Bay, the Venice Neighborhood Council, USC Sea Grant, and Los Angeles City Council District 11 to learn more about this important issue at our Venice Ocean Forum this Wednesday evening.

Venice, San Pedro, and Wilmington are some of the most vulnerable local communities to flooding, according to a recent USC Sea Grant study examining sea level rise impacts for coastal communities in the City of Los Angeles. Based on 100-year sea level rise projections, some studies suggest flooding throughout much of Venice.  Sea level rise in Los Angeles may reach 5.6 feet by 2100, which may be further exacerbated by high tides and storm surge – especially when big wave events occur at or near seasonal peak high tides, or King Tides.

 At the Venice Ocean Forum experts will discuss the risks associated with climate change in Venice, and ways that communities can work together to help adapt to impacts. We’ll also talk about how other communities in the greater L.A. area are preparing to meet the specific local challenges posed by global warming. The forum is open to the public. The meeting begins 6:30pm at Westminster Elementary and food will be provided. So please RSVP today.